Lessons at Pegasus

Girls grooming Jack

Pegasus Riding School offers premier instruction for children and adults of all ages and levels of riding. European classical principles of riding and horsemanship are taught in a fun and safe way, by our three highly qualified instructors. Students learn to ride on healthy, talented, well trained school horses and ponies, many of which have had extensive competition careers. Instruction is offered in both private and group format and lessons are designed based on the aspiring riders' individual needs.

Sammie and Chit Chat

Lessons in riding and unmounted horse management skills will increase student's overall fitness, confidence and focus, and teach life skills. The sport of riding promotes and demands coordination, balance and strength much like ballet, figure skating, or gymnastics. Like any other sport, infrequent practice results in sore muscles and slow progress. However, riding once or twice per week will achieve fitness and confidence levels necessary for the sport, and the rate of progression will significantly increase. Parents and teachers in school are often amazed at the increase in student's confidence, focus and poise. Before and after each riding lesson, students are assisted in grooming, tacking up, and cooling out their horses. Through caring for our equine companions, work ethic and responsibility are promoted and students learn a greater respect for animals, people and the sport.

Suzanne and Giselle

All new students begin in 30 minute private lessons. Beginner students start riding on the lunge line which makes their first experiences safe and controlled. Exercises that teach balanced seat, position, and the effect of the aids are practiced on the lunge line until the rider reaches a level of fitness and understanding necessary to ride on their own. New students with more riding experience are assessed in at least one private lesson before moving on to group lessons. Once a foundation of correct riding basics are built and students can safely and confidently control the horse or pony on their own, students are encouraged to ride in hour-long group lessons. The high quality of our program limits group lessons to 3-4 students of comparable skill levels. Most students enjoy a combination of group and private lessons. Group lessons allow students to ride longer, learn from watching others, and form friendships in a fun setting. Private lessons allow students to get the one-on-one coaching needed to work through a problem and attain new skills.

Sammmie and Trooper

Riding lessons on school horses are not limited to only beginner students and children. Many advanced riders, who may already ride and compete horses of their own, utilize our fabulous school horses and instruction. Experienced riders may take lessons on an upper level horse to gain confidence and experience in order to move up to the next level. For example, our multi-disciplinary program offers opportunities for dressage riders to increase skills over fences, as well as offering hunter/jumper riders the experience of riding an upper level dressage schoolmaster. Clients with personal horses in training, often take lessons on our school horses to boost confidence and feel, in addition to lessons on their own horses.

Monthly Packages/Rates

Our goal is to have a progressive riding program. In order for students to continually improve at an optimal rate, riders need to take at least one lesson per week. These packages are designed for students able to ride in group lessons on a regular schedule. Riders who wish to accelerate their skills by riding multiple times per week will find the cost of each lesson is greatly discounted. These rates are paid each month and the lessons must be used in that month. There are no rollover lessons into the following month. If you are able to ride in a group lesson and you have a regular schedule, these packages are most ideal.

Progressive Riding Program:

Payment is made each month based on weekly lesson frequency:

  • Weekly Rider: 1 lesson per week + 1 extra lesson = 5 lessons/month = $275.00
  • Bi-weekly Rider: 2 lessons per week + 1 extra lesson = 9 lessons/month = $450.00
  • Frequent Rider Program: 3 lessons per week = 12 lessons/month = $550.00

Individual Rates

Individual lesson rates are offered for riders with less predictable schedules, beginner students not yet ready to make a monthly rider commitment, or students only interested in private instruction.

  • 30 Minute Private Lesson = $60.00
  • 1 Hour Private Lesson = $80.00
  • 1 Hour Group Lesson = $60.00
  • 30 Minute Lead-line Lesson = $50

Scheduling and Cancellation Policy

With three instructors and a team of school horses, Pegasus offers lessons 7 days per week, 9am-7pm most days. We offer flexible scheduling based on student, instructor, and horse availability. If you have a strict schedule, lessons can be made a month in advance at specific times. If your schedule is more relaxed, an appointment can be made a few days in advance.

For the students involved in the progressive rider program, we ask that you schedule your lessons in advance and try to adhere to those appointments so that appropriate groups can be made. Lessons are paid in advance on a monthly basis. With 48 hour notice, we will work with you to reschedule your lesson. However, if you cannot fit your lessons in for the month, they do not rollover to the next month.

48 Hour Cancellation Notice: Our lessons are in high demand and the horses only work once or twice per day. When you make a lesson appointment, your horse and instructor's time is dedicated to you. Please be considerate to our horses, instructors and other lesson students and give proper notice of your cancellation. Consideration is given if weather and bad road conditions make it unsafe to travel. We are happy to reschedule the lesson if 48 hours notice is given.

Lesson packages are valid with any instructor and students are encouraged to take advantage of what each instructor has to offer.

Forms of payment: personal check and cash accepted. Unfortunately, credit cards are not accepted at this time. Gift certificates are available.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to come to their lessons on time, ready to ride. New students should arrive at the scheduled time, as grooming and readying your assigned horse is part of the lesson. More experienced riders can arrive 10-15 minutes early to prepare their horse on their own.

New riders must fill out and sign a liability release form before their first lesson, and parents must sign for students under age 18.

Students are expected to wear an approved riding helmet at all times. Proper footwear and gloves are also suggested and expected. Paddock boots and half chaps or tall boots are acceptable and safe forms of footwear because they have a hard heel that safely fits in the stirrup. Fashion, rubber or cowboy boots, and tennis shoes are not appropriate forms of footwear for a serious rider. Riding breeches or jodhpurs, pants designed for riders that stretch and provide grip without uncomfortable seams, are also recommended for a committed riding student.

Pegasus provides a helmet for use during the first few lessons after which riders should provide their own. We strongly recommend buying your own helmet as soon as possible because proper fit is important for safety. Students may wear stretchy leggings or sweatpants and sturdy tennis shoes or hiking boots in place of breeches and paddock boots in the beginning. Tight jeans are not comfortable for riding. Once students make the commitment to continue riding, the proper equipment should be purchased. We have a consignment shop at Pegasus where gently used apparel is offered. Local tack shops offer helmets, footwear, and apparel and the expert advice needed for a proper fit. The links to possible shops are provided below.

2073 W. Wayzata Blvd., Suite 700
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For more information about our riding school, to schedule a tour of our facility and meet the horses, or to arrange a lesson, please call Pegasus Riding School at 763-478-6472, or use the contact form. We look forward to working with you!